Past Masters and Awards Night

September 1st, 2016

Robinson Lodge is having their annual Past Masters and Awards Night on Thursday, September 1st, 2016. This will be an open meeting, wives and family are welcome. We plan to start serving food at 6:00pm and the meeting will be at 7:30pm. Make plans to attend, Master Jerry Bryant will be announcing the "Mason of the Year". Make your plans to attend, guaranteed great night of fellowship and an opportunity to visit with your Brothers and Lodge Family.

We, the Brothers of Robinson Lodge #266 Free and Accepted Masons, want to welcome you to our website. Please take some time while you're here to browse through the various pages on our site, and learn more about us in the process. We hope you'll find our website not only easy to navigate, but also entertaining and insightful as well. We also hope that through our site, that you'll learn more about Robinson Lodge, our proud history, and also our beloved Fraternity that we call Freemasonry.

While our website may be new to the virtual world that is the Internet, Robinson Lodge itself has been in existence since September 1, 1853, at which time we received our original Charter. We have quite a story about the origin of our Lodge, and various events in our existence that has taken place through the years up to now, which you can read about when you click on the "Our History" section of our site.

Robinson Lodge is also dedicated to serving our community. We host, as well as participate in, several public events throughout the year, which allow us to be more community oriented, and at the same time it provides the public an opportunity to get to know us better. We are always looking for more ways to become good neighbors and good citizens in our community, so please let us know of projects and programs that are important to you, and how we can participate.

The "Trestle Board" section provides both information and announcements about the latest happenings around our Lodge, as well as other Appendant Bodies of Freemasonry, such as the Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of DeMolay for Young Men, Job's Daughters and the Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

Our "Contact Us" section will give you an opportunity to send direct email to the us. Our postal address is located at the bottom of this page as well should you wish to correspond with us in that manner. We are always open to any and all recommendations that will us to better serve some special need in our community, or to assist a family member struggling and in need of an attentive ear, an instructive tongue, and a faithful friend.

And while you are here, please feel free to leave a message about our website by way of signing our guestbook. There you will also be able to read other well wishes left by fellow Masons, neighbors and also our web friends.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Robinson Lodge, via the Internet. If you are a Freemason in good standing at your lodge, we would like to extend an invitation to visit our Lodge sometime soon. If you are not a Freemason, but would like to know more about us, or if you are rolex replica sale petitioning us for membership, please feel free to write or email us at any time, using the links provided.

Robinson Lodge #266 F&AM meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month. The Lodge doors will open approximately at 6:00pm, with a "Tasty Dinner and Fellowship" at 6:30pm afterward. Our Stated Meeting begins promptly at 7:30pm, to be followed up with Fellowship"

Robinson Lodge #266 F&AM
6919 Applegate Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40228-2152
This website was launched on April 9, 2007

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