Bristol-Myers Squibb, OPKO Health collaborate with regards to new diagnostic test technology OPKO Wellness, Inc. Today announced that it offers entered right into a collaboration contract with Bristol-Myers Squibb Firm associated with OPKO’s new diagnostic check technology. OPKO’s simple blood exams are being developed, based on its proprietary platform technology, to identify biomarkers for a wide variety of illnesses including neurodegenerative disorders and different malignancies. As part of the project, OPKO and Bristol-Myers Squibb will investigate the utility of OPKO’s novel technology for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and for determining people with early stage cognitive impairment that are likely to improvement to Alzheimer’s disease.Potassium and osteoporosis Cross sectional research possess reported significant positive associations between dietary potassium intake and bone mineral density in a broad a long time of both pre-menopausal and postmenopausal females and elderly men. Bone mineral density was connected with higher degrees of potassium intake significantly. Potassium rich foods such as for example vegetables and fruit are also abundant with precursors to bicarbonate ions, which buffer acids in the physical body. Our Western diet is commonly acidic. When the amount of bicarbonate ion consumption is insufficient to keep up normal pH, your body will mobilize alkalinizing nutrients from bone to neutralize acids consumed in the dietary plan and generated by fat burning capacity.