The MIP Award winners had been chosen from 100 entries representing a broad range of companies within eight categories: actions and sport, aerospace and security, cleantech, research and diagnostics tools, medical products, software, hardware and general technology and communications and IT. This year’s 2009 MIP Award winners are: Action and Sport Technologies: Neptunic Technology for Neptech Protective Material Neptech Protective Material is a light weight and clothing-like protecting textile used in the making and design of specialized equipment for the action sports and defense sectors.AV means atrioventricular node. LB and RB mean correct and left bundle, respectively, and so are the nerves that pass on the electrical impulse from the AV node in to the ventricles. The center has its own automated pacemaker known as the sinaoatrial, or SA node, situated in the proper atrium. The SA node functions independently of the mind to create electricity for the center to beat. Normally, the impulse generated by the SA node works through the center`s electric grid and indicators the muscles cells in the atria to defeat simultaneously, enabling a coordinated squeeze of the center. Contraction of the atria pushes bloodstream into the ventricles.