Artificial pancreas works in research, could 1 day help diabetics An artificial pancreas, a device that would constantly monitor blood sugar in people with diabetes and automatically source insulin as needed, could be a step nearer to helping individuals in what researchers are calling a major advance. A new study showed a key component of the device – – an insulin pump programmed to turn off if blood-sugar dips as well low while folks are sleeping – – worked as meant in a three-month study of 247 patients .

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Our system is a mini-organism on a 1:100,000 scale to the individual, says Sonntag. Human being cells from different organs can be applied to a number of different positions within the chip. The researchers attained the cells from blood donations that were offered for research purposes. These mini-organs are linked to each other through tiny canals. This way we simulate human blood circulation, Sonntag explains. Working much like the human heart, a micro-pump transports liquid cell tradition moderate through infinitesimal micro-channels continuously. The IWS researchers can modify the precise construction of the chip, i.e.