The top five body parts wounded were the ankle , knee , lower back and head . The analysis also showed that almost 90 % of the very most serious fall-related accidents were sustained as the cheerleaders were carrying out on artificial turf, grass, traditional foam wood or floors floors. ‘Only spring flooring and 4-inch solid landing mats placed on traditional foam floors provide enough impact-absorbing convenience of two-level stunts,’ described Shields. ‘There is a greater risk for severe damage as the fall height raises or the impact-absorbing capability decreases, or both.’.. Cheerleading accidental injuries in the U.S.: 60 percent occur because of stunts Almost all of the reported concussions occurred when the cheerleader was performing a stuntWhether rallying the crowd at a sporting event or taking part in competition, cheerleading could be both fun and challenging.4. Its utilization also helps in peaceful and deep sleep because of the temperature which brings a relaxed and soothing effect to your body. 5. In addition, it helps in enhancing the cardiovascular performance of your body. The temperature gets hotter the skin because of its high strength causing major heat range rise in the primary body. This increased degree of high temperature widens the vessels of the bloodstream close to the epidermis and subsequently creating more cardiac result.