Every ENT expert, audiologist, speech therapist and scientist interested in inner hearing pathology, involved with cochlear implantation or dealing with the treatment or surgery of the inner ear will benefit from the insights and experiences of the world’s leading specialists who contributed to the publication.. Clinical groups discuss using EAS in children and adults Electric powered acoustic stimulation for the patient’s benefit Electric powered acoustic stimulation combines electric powered stimulation in the mid – to high-frequency regions with acoustic stimulation in the low-frequency range with desire to to preserve residual low-frequency hearing after cochlear implantation, which particularly improves speech understanding together, pitch discrimination and music appreciation.If a sufferer discovers a particular situation that appears to provoke the episodes it is likely that he/she will prevent those places if possible. Depending on the intensity of the disorder many victims slowly and eventually limit activities beyond the home to the absolute minimum. Because most sufferers perceive the home as a safe area it is the place of choice. Overtime, with less and less interpersonal activity and companionship of others the sufferer is likely to develop depression. Unfortunately many people with anxiety disorders, if combined with depression even, won’t seek treatment.