‘It’s one of those issues where everyone believes this is an epidemic, but it’s not getting the degree of political and policymaker attention that it must,’ stated Jeffrey Levi, the organization’s executive director. ‘As every applicant for president discusses healthcare reform and controlling health care price costs, if we don’t hone in upon this issue, none of their proposals are going to be affordable.’ At the same time, many believe pounds is a personal choice and responsibility.The patient, in turn, can be forced to standup straighter, thereby creating a lifted appearance in the breasts. Plastic surgeons are worried that these may be some of the procedures individuals are turning to in the weak economy. A fresh procedure called Awake-Breast Augmentation, where the patient is awake during medical procedures and gives feedback regarding her recommended size of implant, will end up being examined. Additionally, the most recent information on cosmetic gynecology, laser beam liposuction, cellulite, brand-new fillers such as for example Selphyl , and more will be talked about. Related StoriesSurgery simulator app: an interview with Jean Nehme By the Numbers: More than 10.4 million cosmetic minimally-invasive techniques were performed in 2008, based on the ASPS.