Alzheimer’s Association launches Internet and phone-based clinical trial matching service – Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch Connects People with Potentially Life-Altering Studies – The Alzheimer’s Association announced today the launch of Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch, a confidential and free interactive tool that delivers comprehensive clinical trial information and an individualized trial matching service for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. There are as much as 5.3 million People in america coping with the Alzheimer’s and every 70 seconds someone in America develops the disease, based on the Association’s 2010 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Numbers.Many earlier studies have sought out genetic markers that may predict antidepressant response, but did so despite being unsure of the contribution of genetic elements. Dr. Katherine Tansey of Institute of Psychiatry at King's University London and co-workers resolved to solution that question. ‘Our research quantified, for the very first time, how much is usually response to antidepressant medicine influenced by an person's genetic make-up,’ said Tansey. To execute this ongoing work, the researchers approximated the magnitude of the impact of common genetic variants on antidepressant response utilizing a sample of 2,799 antidepressant-treated topics with main depressive disorder and genome-wide genotyping data. They discovered that genetic variants describe 42 percent of individual variations, and therefore, influence antidepressant response significantly.