Because both scholarly studies also show that the stem cells usually do not convert as expected, these findings contact into question the outcomes from the Orlic research published in 2001. The heart could be broken by That dilation muscles, Murry said, so avoiding the dilation may help avoid the harm.. Bone marrow stem cells usually do not help regenerate center muscle tissue, UW research finds, contradicting earlier study Researchers in the University of Washington College of Medicine have discovered that bone marrow stem cells usually do not convert into heart muscle mass cells in mice. These outcomes contradict a report conducted elsewhere that acquired prompted human medical trials for such stem cell therapy in the treating coronary attack.Reduced estrogen creation may contribute to hair thinning or cause your hair to experience brittle and dry. Women from different says and countries have different menopausal symptoms. Menopause is not an illness. However, many conditions are connected with estrogen depletion, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and additional complications. Fortunately, effective treatments are for sale to these conditions. After the menopause it is common for the following complications to appear. Cardiovascular disease – a drop in estrogen levels often goes hand-in-hand with an elevated risk of coronary disease. Women who encounter early menopause are almost twice as likely as the general population to possess a coronary attack, stroke, or other coronary disease in life later.