Typically, circumcision rates are 24 % lower in states lacking Medicaid insurance for the poor. The huge benefits are said by The study of newborn circumcision exceed the risks by at least 100 to at least one 1. Clinical research has discovered circumcision can safeguard a child from a true number of health problems, most notably urinary tract infections. Kidney damage develops in about half of infants who contract a UTI. The adult lifetime risk for a UTI is 1 in 3 for uncircumcised men approximately. Additionally, circumcision offers been found to lowers one’s risk for contracting HIV and HPV, the individual papilloma virus, that may cause genital warts and offers been linked to some cancers. Another study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined more than 500 research, finding that circumcision decreases risk for HIV transmission in heterosexual males by 60 %, genital herpes by thirty %, and cancer-causing strains of HPV by 35 %.This issue is protected under five chapters: breathing, voice, haemoptysis and cough, inner inflammations and wounds and principles of treatments. The authors also highlight both natural and non-herbal remedies Avicenna recommends for respiratory illnesses, and their signs or symptoms from the second level of the Canon of Medication. Avicenna suggested 21 natural herbs to take care of respiratory disorders, today we realize that a number of these herbs contain bioactive substances with analgesic and, antispasmodic, bronchodilatory or antimicrobial actions. For instance, Avicenna would have recommended opium at that best period for cough and haemoptysis, a practice which today comes with an established therapeutic basis.