Although Stage III trials in prostate cancers were discontinued in 2008, advancement of GVAX Prostate provides been reinitiated because of the fantastic need among males with prostate malignancy and the lessons discovered using GVAX in earlier clinical trials. Furthermore to GVAX Prostate, BioSante offers several other GVAX tumor vaccines which are in Stage II clinical advancement including vaccines for leukemia, breast malignancy and pancreatic malignancy. Also, BioSante has requested and received FDA Orphan Medication designation for GVAX AML for the treating severe myeloid leukemia and GVAX Pancreas for the treating pancreatic cancer.. BioSante Pharmaceuticals reinitiates GVAX Prostate Cancers Vaccine development BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc.‘Certain genes connected with pro-inflammatory cytokines had been highly upregulated,’ de Mejia said. Relating to Johnson, the researchers’ in vitro study in Molecular Diet and Food Research is the first showing that apigenin treatment can result in a rise in interleukin 17s in pancreatic cells, showing its potential relevance in anti-pancreatic tumor activity. Pancreatic cancer sufferers would probably not have the ability to eat enough flavonoid-rich foods to raise blood plasma degrees of the flavonoid to a highly effective level. But scientists could design drugs that would attain those concentrations, de Mejia said. And prevention of this frightening disease is another entire story.