This ‘NivoPlus’ scientific trial combines an immunotherapy drug with currently FDA-approved chemotherapy medicines les-pilules-de-week-end.html . The addition of nivolumab is supposed to activate the body's own disease fighting capability to improve on the results that may not be achieved from chemotherapy alone in any other case. There are anticipated to be to 49 patients enrolled on the multi-arm NivoPlus study up. The first affected individual received treatment on this study previously this month.

‘CVS/pharmacy is focused on assisting our sufferers who may encounter disruptions in their prescription insurance plan beginning January 1,’ said Helena B. Foulkes, President, Executive and CVS/pharmacy Vice President, CVS Caremark. ‘Our pharmacy teams will provide information to help patients contact the appropriate health program or insurance exchange, and we are actively communicating with insurance government and plans agencies to help minimize disruption to care whenever possible.’ In a few circumstances and based on clinical considerations, CVS/pharmacy will assist sufferers who are encountering a temporary disruption in insurance plan with a transitional or ‘bridge’ supply of medication to support their continuity of care.