Calorie Labels Don’t Influence Kids’ Food Choices Can giving kids detailed information regarding nutrition help them make good dietary choices? Body fat chance sildenafil brands . New research implies that publishing the calorie counts of menu items in fast-food restaurants has essentially no impact on what teens and the parents of youngsters choose to purchase. The study, published in ‘International Journal of Weight problems,’ looked at the ordering behaviors of children in Newark, N.J.

‘The Blood Pressure Association is certainly tackling this through its Know Your Numbers! advertising campaign to operate a vehicle home the importance of every adult taking action on blood pressure in order to prevent needless suffering. ‘Anyone who would like to know more about how exactly cutting salt consumption will lower blood circulation pressure should speak to the BPA.’ Sid the Slug, the FSA’s wellness awareness campaign device Sid the slug is certainly a sympathetic character created by ad company HHCL/Crimson Cell and developed by the internationally acclaimed Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to front the multimedia health advertising campaign. He shall appear in all TV, national poster and print marketing and on the dedicated campaign website. Salt kills slugs, and Sid the slug will highlight the hyperlink between eating an excessive amount of salt and the elevated risk of high blood pressure, heart stroke and disease.