‘We’re very happy to combine our AssayMAP technology with ProZyme chemistry and knowledge, and we anticipate introducing reliable, high-throughput answers to help progress biotherapeutic research and advancement,’ said Scott Fulton, cEO and founder of BioSystem Advancement. Jo Wegstein, President of ProZyme agreed: ‘We think that the products of the partnership could have a profound effect on advancing the field of glycobiology and appearance ahead to leading this initiative.’.. BSD, ProZyme partner to redefine biotherapeutic glycan evaluation workflow BioSystem Advancement, LLC and ProZyme, Inc.Dr. Lyons says as the person-to-person pass on of the bird flu virus is quite unusual it can’t be completely eliminated. A helpline is usually open up from 0700 – 2000 BST daily and has up-to-date information regarding bird flu. The Section for Environment, Meals and Rural Affairs can be calling on individuals who bought from or provided to Chelford Marketplace, Cheshire, monday on, 7 May, or any poultry keeper who visited the marketplace on that time whose birds possess subsequently become ill, to get hold of their local animal wellness workplace or the DEFRA helpline 08459 335577.