Around 496,000 careers will be lost through the first calendar year of the automated cuts . Medscape: Automatic 2 percent Medicare Cut WILL DEFINITELY COST 767,000 Jobs, Research Says The cut, that will affect doctors, hospitals, and other suppliers, but keep enrollee benefits untouched, january 1 can be scheduled to take impact, 2013, unless Congress functions to nullify it. Medpage Today: Medicare Cuts WILL DEFINITELY COST 500,000 Jobs, Groupings Mention The model for the brand new research, conducted by Pittsburgh-structured consultant Tripp Umbach, projected cuts of $10.7 billion in 2013 using baseline spending influenced by Medicare payments. Work losses consist of those involved with direct patient care along with support roles.A released group of studies from Colorado Condition University newly, reported in the Journal of Diet, found that eating coffee beans and potatoes regularly may help prevent breast cancer. The studies, that will progress into a scientific trial using breast cancers survivors, may generate preventative weight loss programs for women who wish to avoid breast cancers or a recurrence. Experts introduced a carcinogen in to the mammary glands of rats which were after that fed a daily food diet of different types of coffee beans or potatoes in each one of the separate studies.