PRIMOS systems will be the recognized standard in small-field, 3D surface skin imaging for clinical research in-vivo measurement. Starting immediately, Canfield shall become the sole supplier of PRIMOS systems worldwide. PRIMOS lite and PRIMOS high quality are widely used for the evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic products and medical active ingredients. Optical in-vivo measurements with PRIMOS provide a fast and effective solution for evaluating pores and skin roughness and smoothness, including line and surface area roughness. Other applications of PRIMOS consist of measuring facial wrinkles, wounds and scars, pimples, lips, and cellulite.The faster a sore can be treated, the quicker HSV1 returns to its dormant stage. Cleaning blisters with water and soap can help keep them from spreading. In addition, doctors can prescribe antiviral medications like acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacycolvir. They work greatest when taken simply as the virus is certainly starting to ‘come back.’ HSV1 attacks are ubiquitous in developed countries like the U.S. About 20 % of children are infected by age group five, a rate that rises to about 60 % in the second and third years of life.